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"Our mission is to choose better logistics for our customers saving the best traditions in the modern world"

The company specializes mainly in the international carriage of goods by road, sea, railway and air.

We carry full-truck-load, less-than-truck-load, hazardous, oversized and heavy cargoes, and provide services of internal transportation.



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International road transportation is the main specialization of Group of companies «TRANSIMPERIAL».
The Group provides a full range of services for the delivery of goods by road and arranges transportation of full-truck-load, less-than-truck-load, oversized, heavy and hazardous goods.
The main activity of the company is the provision of transport for foreign-trade goods turnover between the countries of Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and CIS.
The trucking is performed by curtain-sided and all-metal trucks, refrigerators and isotherms, as well as specialized vehicles.

Railway transportation allows to deliver goods to any place with the best financial cost and time spending.
The cost of railway transportation compares favorably with the other more expensive means of delivery, the pricing policy in this area is the most stable - price is rising slowly. By the way, railway transportation makes it possible to send almost any cargo, including oversize goods.
Transimperial provides a full range of services in the sphere of international railway transportation and offers a wide geography of delivery of your cargo by rail. Our experts develop suitable logistics solutions, that allow executing the order as soon as possible.

Multimodal transportation means stepwise carriage of goods by at least two different models of transport combined in any pattern and usage of the entire transport infrastructure. Our company fulfills regular delivery of containers from China, Japan, India, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, UAE, Turkey, Egypt, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, etc.
The company carries out the transportation of cargoes through transit ports Klaipedia (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia), Kotka (Finland), Tallin (Estonia), Saint-Petersburg, Novorossiysk (Russia).

Air delivery, the main advantage of which is, of course, terms of delivery, fully justifies its high price and therefore plays increasingly important role in the logistics of many companies.
The basic activity of TRANSIMPERIAL is the delivery of goods from Asia, Europe and Americas. The reasons to choose air delivery of cargoes:
1) Short and accurately forecasted delivery time of your cargo;
2) Geography of transportation – air delivery allows shipping your cargo quickly and accurately to almost anywhere in the world;
3) The high level of safety of your cargo.
Our experts will offer you a reasonable price for your cargo transportation, taking into consideration the terms of delivery.

The Group of companies “TRANSIMPERIAL” has been offering internal shipments across Russia, in particular, the shipment of cargoes from Moscow to any region of Russia since 2010. By accumulating the experience and striving for development, we constantly improve the quality of our services and try to offer our clients the best conditions for a mutually-beneficial cooperation!
Thanks to well-organized logistics, numerous partnering carriers, and long established cooperation with all regions of Russia, we can provide high-speed delivery of cargoes from Moscow to almost any regions of Russia at the lowest prices in the shortest possible time.

Transportation of heavy and oversized cargo is the activity in which the Group of companies “TRANSIMPERIAL” provides one of the most complete services. Geography of oversized and heavy cargo transportation covers Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS countries. Transportation of oversized cargo by road is offered on specially equipped road-trains, which comply with all regulations for the transport of oversized goods.
Specialists of the company know perfectly the market conditions of oversized and heavy cargo transportation and can organize any transportation at a high professional level.
They will develop the best scheme of movement of vehicles with oversized or heavy cargoes and prepare all necessary documents for shipping.



Successful work in the market, of more than 21 years


International transportation by all kinds of transport


Wide geography of transportation


Highly-qualified team in the sphere of international logistics

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